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Essen summons
Agenda of 9th Meeting of the Balkanfila Working Group in Tirana, May 2016

Dear Members of the Balkanfila Regional Group,

You are kindly invited to the Conference of the representatives of the philatelic federations of Balkan countries - Balkanfila WG, which will be held on May 6, 17:00-19:30 in the National Gallery of Arts, Library room.

Proposed agenda:
1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 8 th Meeting in Vidin
2. Resume of the XVII. Balkanfila and Election of the new Balkanfila President
3. The Organiser of the XIX. Balkanfila (proposals are welcome!)
4. Michelaneus

Glad to see you in Tirana, sincerely yours

Balkanfila Secretary                                    Balkanfila President

      Igor Pirc                                                      Spas Panchev

Agenda of 8th Meeting of the Balkanfila Working Group in Vidin, April 6th 2014

1. XVII. Balkanfila exhibiton VIDIN 2014
2. Organiser of the next - XVIII. Balkanfila
3. What kind of the Agreement do we need
4. Election of the New Balkanfila President and Secretary
5. Miscelaneus

1. Protocoll of the Balkanfila Meeting in Maribor, June 2012 >>read here<<
2. Balkanfila 2012 suggestions to the 2012 FEPA Congress in Paris >>read here<<

Proposal from the Alps-Adria Philately Working Group to the FEPA Congress in Paris, France, held on June 10th 2012 "ABOUT THE LEVEL OF PARTICIPATION FEES"

Read by Boncho Bonev, delegate of BULGARIA

Ladies and Gentelmen,
The decision of the Balkanfila Working Group, which was voted during the last meeting in Maribor on 24 May 2012, is to support the proposal of Adria Alps Group concerning the limitation of exhibition fees. Let me explain why. Presenting a collection to a high level exhibition is a dream and goal of every collector. Exhibiting stimulates collecting and is a key factor for increasing the number and quality of personal collections and subsequently it stimulates the development and enhances the quality of philately in the different countries. Our understanding is that tremendous expences for exhibiting has negative impact on philately. The role of National Federations is to protect the interests of their members and to work strongly for the development of the philately, so we can not accept the idea that the level of fees is a private problem between the organizers of an exhibition and the collectors. Let the limitations for presenting an exhibit in World exhibitions be the quality of the exhibit, and not the financial accessibility.
Finally, few words about the Balkanfila Group. We have 11 member countries, 9 of them – FEPA members. The very first Regional Philatelic Exhibition in the World was Balkanfila, held in Varna, Bulgaria in 1965, a fact that indicates our strong traditions and our long-standing commitment to the advancement, popularisation and development of philately.

Thank you.